Custom order

If you wish to buy certain items from one of the brands in our shop - but it is not in our selection, please contact us with information about which product/size/colour you are interested in. 

Since we order wholesales at a minimum price, it will not always be possible for us to order your requested items as immediately as we would love to. 

When we are about to order from wholesales, we will let you know through instagram or facebook.

Custom orders has a 50% prepayment and items will not be ordered before the prepayment is received. 

The sale will be binding as soon as prepayment is received, and it will not be possible to change sizing/colour etc.*

*If the items are not available at wholesales, you will receive a refund within 3-4 days.


Price Example

Cosilana wool/silk/cotton (size 92 - 128):

Tank top, nature: 149 kr.
Tank top, blue or rose: 159 kr. 

T-shirt, nature: 189 kr.
T-shirt, blue or rose: 199 kr.

Top long sleeves, nature: 209 kr.
Top long sleeves, blue or rose: 219 kr.

Leggings, nature: 209 kr.
Leggings, blue or rose: 219 kr.